Delivery to any country in 3-5 business days. Drums are available and ready for immediate shipment.


There are the following payment methods in "Hang-Drums" webstore:

  • PayPal (Visa, Mastercard with SMS notification (3D Secure)
  • CloudPayments (Visa, Mastercard with SMS notification (3D Secure)

How to make an order?
1. Press "Add to Cart"
2. Go to Cart and "Checkout" order
3. Select Shipping Address and Shipping method

Sometimes there are errors when paying. Possible reasons are described below.
1. Our company uses PayPal business account.
PayPal bans transfers between two business accounts. This is one of the most common problems. If you have a personal PayPal account, try to pay using it. If you have only a business account, try to choose another payment method or write to us, we will invoice using our individual account.
2. Your card does not support 3D-Secure protocol
More about this:

For successful payment, use the PayPal method
3. Google Pay and Apple Pay do not work with international transfers.

Try to pay without using these payment methods.
Try a different payment method.
This function is located above "Checkout" button.
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