• 9の音階
RAV Vastには大きなDingと8つのタンが備わります。Dingには最大7つのチューニングトーンが。サークル内のタンにはそれぞれ4-5の音色があります。このような理由から、RAV Vastは、世界中の類似したドラムの中でも最も広範囲で調和のとれた音色を誇ります。

  • 9のスケール
現在、9種類のチューニングをご用意しております。各チューニング内の全トーンは、綿密かつ正確に調整されています。RAV Vastタンは非常に敏感で、演奏を始めるには数分かかります。RAV Vastの音の大きさは、ハンドパンと同じで、野外での演奏に十分な音量です

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RAV Drumの製造元

ロシア在住のAndrey Remyannikovにて2013年より製造されています。

45カ国2500人以上によりRAV Drumsが愛用されています。

RAV Vast (Drum) は皆を驚かせる作品です。あらゆる人にとっての新たな発見だと言えるでしょう。RAV Drumには瞑想的、神秘的で、静けさをもたらす音が備わります。

すべてのドラムとハンドパンの中でも、各タンに4-7の音階から構成される完全な音階を持つ唯一のドラムです。特許取得の秘密により、この音色は、PANart Hangのような高い人気と需要を誇る楽器のそれと遜色ありません。

RAV Drumについてのよくある質問

  • ドラムの仕様はどうなっていますか?
素材:1.5 - 2 mmの鋼鉄製(チューニングに依拠)


重量:4.9 - 5.9 kg(ハンドパンに類似)

寸法:51 cm | 高さ:17 cm | 色:ブルーグリーン

  • 自分にあったスケールはどのように選ぶべきでしょうか?
  • 初心者に最適なチューニングはどれですか?
B CelticまたはD Majorをお勧めします。初心者にとって最も一般的なチューニングです。
  • 注文と支払いが完了しました。どのように配送状況を確認できますか?
  • カスタマイズは可能ですか?(色、チューニング、素材など)
  • 支払い完了後、RAV Vastの受け取りまでにどれくらいの時間がかかりますか?


RAV Vast Pygmy, Germany
Vladiswar Nadishana is a siberian multi-instrumentalist, composer, recording producer and instrument designer, who creates his own unique approach to music, web design , dance and videoart.
RAV Vast, Russia
Play Handpan & RAV Vast, Multi-instrumentalist.
RAV Vast Minor Pentatonic, Portugal
HandPan Player / Drummer, Multi-instrumentalist / Musician from Portugal, exploring sounds and creation of music.


Its a magical instrument. A singing bowl, a bell that can be played. The vibration puts me in a trance. I cant wait to Excel. This drum stands head to head with a hang drum! It is well-made and the seller is awesome. Now can you ask for more?
John Wareen
These things sound better in person than in the videos! Love our new Rav Vast, it sounds incredible!... I am in a wheelchair and paralyzed from the chest down, I'm a c-6 quadriplegic, meaning all 4 limbs are affected to some extent by my paralysis. This drum is an amazing instrument for someone like myself, very thankful for this gorgeous sounding and looking, and easy to play instrument!

A cut above other tongue drums, 100% satisfied! The sound is indescribable, warm and rich, with perfectly intonated overtones. No hint of "tanky" sounds in this drum. Experience overall was positive, shipping took about 9 weeks. I wish I had been contacted when it shipped so I could track the package. As it was, I was only notified after the first delivery failed. The only negative I can find is that the rubber binding on the side is not super strongly attached. I was sliding the drum into the case it came in, and the binding separated from the drum right at the seam, I could see some of the glue was still tacky inside the ring. I was able to get it back on, but I was surprised it came away so easily. I am now extra careful when taking the drum in and out of the case. Already thinking about the next scale I want!
Mad Hazard
Yes! Soooooo worth the wait! This is a work of art that makes beautiful music. I am so astonished by the workmanship and the blue grey finish. It is absolutely stunning. I look forward to years of music on this magnificent vessel. I ordered the bag, which is sturdy and well crafted. Highly recommended if you plan to travel out & about to play your drum. I look like a turtle because I just under 5ft tall, but I'm sure average folk will carry it off better. The weight it distributed well across your back, and it has a section on the bag that looks like its meant to protect your drum on wet surfaces. Glad I invested in the bag, My mailman asked if I ordered a spaceship! I was so happy my spaceship finally arrived. Thank you all at Rav Vast. Bless you all for this amazing instrument.
Luz Milagros
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