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  • How to take care of my RAV?

You know that all of our drums are covered with a hydrophobic material to prevent rust. But everything happens... and getting rust on your RAV is really unfortunate. What you can do to prevent this and keep your drum clean and shiny?

First and foremost: don't keep the instrument in the case all the time. Keeping the steel in a case allows moisture to build up inside, and you definitely don't want that. Also, a basic rule of keeping hands clean while playing it is also important.

And of course, the drum requires care once in a while. Frog lube works best. We suggest applying it to the instrument once or twice a month, front and back. Wipe a small amount over the entire drum, make sure you don't miss tongues and edges.

Besides frog lube, our customers advise trying vaseline oil or Phoenix handpan oil. You can try that too and see which works out best for you.

But what to do if rust has already hit your RAV? Don't panic. Just wipe it off with 99,9% alcohol, then apply Frog lube and you're good to go

Feel free to ask any questions regarding RAV care. We'd be happy to answer them. Hope our guide was helpful and you'll never experience the rust problems

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