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RAV Pan D Celtic Minor

D3 A3 C4 D4 E4 F4 G4 A4 C5
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"It being in the springtime and the small birds they were singing"* when the D Celtic RAV Pan was born. This high-pitched RAV Pan with melodious and soothing voice was inspired by captivating Irish ballads and folk songs.

Notes D3 A3 C4 D4 E4 F4 G4 A4 C5
Proficiency Level Medium
Mood peaceful and calming
Culture Celtic
Key D
Material nitrided steel
Weight 4.8 kg
Size 58 cm
Height 28 cm

Please keep in mind that the RAV soft case is incompatible with RAV Pan.

Hard case for your pan included! The B Celtic Minor is the handpan with the lowest sound in the whole RAV Pan collection. This instrument is perfect for those who are looking for the serene, tranquil, and melodious sound handpans are famous for.

It produces a really low inimitable bass sound.

This is a handpan version of the B Celtic Minor RAV Vast and is tuned in the Celtic mode which is one of the most frequently played steel pan drum scales available for sale.

This RAV Pan has a medium sustain and will be perfect to train a fast playing style. For this reason, it's also really suitable for pairing with other instruments because the handpan will not overwhelm whatever else you are playing with.

This RAV Pan has a Heartbeats adjuster on the bottom which redirects the sound flows and makes the sound waves smoother and improves sound quality.

A nice bonus from RAV Vast: when buying a RAV Pan, you get a hard case for the drum as a gift to protect and ease the transporting. This is an essential accessory you usually have to buy yourself considering the sensitive tuning of the handpans.
The B Celtic Minor is a lower and more moody version of the D Celtic Minor RAV Pan. It has a really deep hypnotizing, introspective and meditative sound. It provides emotional tension that always comes with minor scales.

We've created this Pan to make a perfect duet with the B Celtic RAV Vast steel tongue drum. It totally replicates the RAV Vast note progression. The Ding is tuned in B2 and creates a really deep bassy sound. The dimples are tuned in 3rd and 4th octave. The B Celtic RAV Pan has only one halftone between C#4 and D4 in its note progression.

This RAV drum has a medium sustain. Practically it means that when you play a note, it does not bleed into other notes which is important if you tend to play fast grooves. If you are not pretty sure which sustain you prefer in handpans – longer or shorter one – take the B Celtic Minor – as it's just in the sweet spot between these two.

The Heartbeats stacked on the bottom side of this RAV Pan limits the air opening affecting the Helmholtz resonance. It stabilizes the sound frequencies and makes the sound cleaner and stronger. It also provides you with an option to create a bassy noise when using some percussive elements. The Heartbeats lowers the sound of the Ding from B2 to B1. The Heartbeats is removable, however, we recommend to keep it in place and only change the position. Make you sure you keep it in the open position when playing and in the closed position when transporting and storing. Don't lean the open Heartbeats as it can harm the adjuster and affect the smooth and powerful sound of this RAV Pan.

This RAV Pan belongs to European musical tradition as Celts were the ancestors of today's British and Irish population. Celtic minor is a scale typical for Irish or Scottish folk music. Technically it's hexatonic Dorian scale that is actually the Aeolian scale (a natural minor) with the omitted sixth degree. The Celtic scale is one of the most popular scales among the handpans and tongue drums available for sale, so it will be easy to pair it with other steel drums.

For whom this scale will work

Intermediate players – this scale is for you! This isn't the most complicated scale of all the RAV drums but it still requires having a handpan/percussions experience or music theory background to get it all from this drum and provides a great toolkit for songwriting (check out some educational materials on the useful songwriting tips in the Video section). With the B Celtic Minor RAV Pan you are able to easily express powerful feelings through your music. This scale can easily create a mysterious feeling of tension and suspense. Thanks to its deep sound, the B Celtiс RAV Pan is really good for sound healing, meditation and also for some music performances.

This instrument has a medium level of sustain. So it's good for harmonic coupling with other instruments because it won't overwhelm them whatever else you playing. It's great to play with other instruments like the guitar or flutes. If you are planning to play in accompaniment with the RAV Vast, the RAV Pan will be a perfect choice as it is already perfectly tuned with the RAV Vast.

It's good for playing both indoors and outdoors if you are in a quiet area. It has a really good volume. However, the lower you go notewise, the harder it is to hear in a distance if you are busking or if you are playing in a place with some constant noises on the background so check the noise volume before you get started.
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RAV Vast D Celtic Minor & RAV Pan D Celtic Minor


Average item review
Ruth Summers on 17 июн 2019 r
I absolutely love my new RAV drum, fab sustain and tone. Great service too. Highly recommended!
B Kurd. RAV Vast 2 Drum. Handpan, Steel Tongue Drum.
lucyfres on 31 май 2019 r
This drum has an amazing sound The first thing I did upon receiving my drum was to check the tuning. It was perfect. I am beyond pleased with this instrument. Also, my experience with this shop was a good one. I requested signature upon delivery and they were more than happy to meet my needs. Communication with the owner was fast and easy. I never had to wait for a response or worry. I highly recommend this instrument! Thank you!
RAV Vast 2 Drum. D major Handpan, Steel Tongue Drum.
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FAQs about RAV Drum

  • What are the parameters of the drum?
Material: 1.5 - 2 mm steel (depends of tuning)
Cover: thin hydrophobic covering, requires periodic wiping.
Weight - 4.9-5.9 kg like handpans.
Size: 51 cm, height :17 cm. Colour is blue-green.
  • How can I choose the better tune for me?
Usually your own scale is chosen by heart - you just may hear the recordings and decide what closer to your soul. If you have some difficulties with a choise feel free to ask us for advise.
  • What tuning is the best for beginners?
We recommend the B Celtic or D Major - the most popular tunings among beginners.
  • I placed the order and paid for it, how can I check delivery status?
We sent you your tracking number, you can use it here and check delivery status. If you haven't got your number, please contact us.
  • How about customizations (colour, tunung, material, etc.)?
Custom options are not available because we don't want to take a risk in some unknown experiments. Every scale we offer is selected from popular scales and modified (has lower key in comparison with handpans) to make it sound as better as possible on a RAV.
  • How long will I wait for my RAV Vast after payment?
The waiting time is about 4-8 weeks long after placing order. Waiting time approximate and it can change significantly. It is not a strict arrangement.

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