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$ 40
$ 49
$ 49
Cases for RAV Vast
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RAV Vast Mallets
$ 39
RAV Drum Stand
Rope decorative accessory braid
$ 49
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$ 149

Cases for RAV Vast by AtticBags

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FAQs about RAV Drum

  • How to choose the scale?
Usually your own scale is chosen by heart - you just may hear the recordings and decide what closer to your soul. If you have some difficulties with a choise feel free to ask us for advise.
  • Is it difficult to start playing RAV Drum?
RAV Drum is perfect for everyone. It's easy to play if you don't even have any musical education. All of our tunings is suitable for beginners except Integral. If you have some doubts, we recommend the B Celtic - it is the coolest at the moment in our opinion :)
  • Can the drum be damaged during the shipping?
All instruments are packed very well, and RAV Drum Teams takes the responsibility for safe delivery of drums. But we strongly recommend you not to use sharp and heavy objects when opening the parcel, because you can scratch or crush the instrument.
  • How to take care of my RAV?
By the RAV Drum Team recommendation, you can use any waxes for car, building wax for decorative plaster, and wax based compositions for the protection of wood in the sauna. You need to use wax if you wet your drum or take it in humid environment. Wait until your wax dries and wipe it with cloth.
  • Where should I keep my drum?
You just need to keep your RAV in dry place and avoid direct contact with water. If you should take the drum in wet environment, please follow previous recommendation.
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