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Unboxing Rav Vast Drum

Today my Rav Vast came in the mail! It was shipped from Perm Russia where the creator Andrey Remyannikov of this beautiful instrument resides. It's in the Key of D major. I ordered it March 7th and it arrived April 4th which is much earlier than projected!! so happy to be able to play one of these gorgeous instruments. A friend suggested an unboxing!~ I've lots to learn but I'm grateful for the chance!!
Maria Calfa-DePaul
Rav Vast 2 D major unboxing : Maria Calfa-DePaul
Unboxing My RAV Vast 2 B Rus
Ran down to the post office early when I got the notification that my RAV had arrived. Here's my unboxing video that shows my first strikes on it. It's so beautiful! I can't wait to spend more time with it and really get to know it. Blessings to Andrey and the entire RAV team. I highly recommend getting one in whichever scale calls to you.
Jason Stoehr
The RAV VAST is a steel tongue drum developed and being made by Andrej Remjannikov, based on the Swiss instrument Hang. This video is about unpacking the instrument. I'm sorry for sound quality which is not so good. It does sound little better with headphones, though. Here on Youtube you'll find a lot of better sound recordings by better artists playing a RAV VAST

unboxing RAV VAST Pygmy steel drum + first session
Unboxing RAV Drum Vast Pygmy
RAV VAST Unboxing in Hungary :)
Unboxing & First Touch of my 2nd Place Prize from Rav Drum

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